Flexibel and easy to use

Solution Promoter - Aménageur has been designed to meet the many and varied needs of our customers. You can very easily enter the feasibility study, publish the financial statement, consult the forecast & real cash flow, realize your supplier markets and your long distance calls, without forgetting to point your project on your map of France. .

Its strong similarities with the main office software allow an extremely fast handling. Our teams, specialized in your profession, will be able to accompany you in all phases of your project.


Manage the profitability of your real estate projects

Realize your study and pre-study assembly, management of the real estate operations, breakdown of your receipts and your expenses by the monitoring of the forecast and real cash flow.

Start the work: contract engagement, tendering, inspection of work situations, monitoring of subcontractors, contract management, etc. Manage the buyers: price grid, buyer management, long-distance calls, payment tracking, TS and TM, reserves, ...

Communicate with the outside world: discover prospects, search for lots, management of wishes and commercial actions, WEB liaison, accounting interface. Simple, comprehensive and powerful management tools: Security and locking of data by users, customizable excel export, mailing, event management ....



The power of the database allows centralization and visualization of all existing operations.

The integration of data in the different modules avoids re-entry of information and saves time and considerable reliability. The set allows real-time information and precise anticipation of events.



Solution Promoter - Aménageur makes it possible to manage all the stages of one or several real estate operations, simultaneously, from the feasibility study to the final closure, including assembly, marketing or cash management.



Solution Promoter - Enveloper, allows you to enter all your interlocutors using the respective cards. The creation, modification, export of third parties become very easy tasks to achieve.


PROJECT: The feasibility study

You want to do a feasibility study, nothing more simple. Use a study template that you have previously registered, then fill in the 'total area', 'coef roads', notary fees, ... Now Solution Promoter - Planner is responsible for calculating all your ratios,%, your amounts of VAT (Real Estate, Mdb, residual, ...) the total expenses, the total receipts, your subtotals, ...


PROJECT: Key Figures, and Charts

This module is a powerful tool for quickly establishing and visualizing the project summary. It is linked to an analysis and graphical representation tool as well as a projection tool to better manage the margins and indicators of your project.


Land control, urban planning, enter your data, ...

Land information allows you to follow up your buildings administratively. Data and important dates are entered as your project progresses. At any time a consultation of the data remains possible by simple mouse click. The essential dates for your project are entered and can be consulted in the "project detail" module. An alert function allows you to miss any important date to your real estate project.


PRINTING: Clean and neat editions

More than 150 editions and standard reports at your disposal. Parametric editions for your company and your partners (Bilan, the calls for funds, the survey of the reserves, ...


BUDGET: Cash flow forecast & real

Rapid and detailed provisional budget, ... Simulation of cash from the projected schedule, ... Calculation of the financial profitability, ... The cash flow forecast is to distribute the monthly amount of each item of the project. You will use the variables to change the "milestones" of your project. A modification of one of these dates automatically results in the recalibration of the forecast cash flow. Cash simulation tools integrate all your technical and commercial parameters and give you a precise vision of your needs or cash surpluses. An export to Excel is also possible to configure cash as you wish.



Your feasibility study is complete, you have all the agreements to establish the commercialization of your project. To do this, select your study, then right click with your mouse and select "validate in business".


WORKS: Supplier markets

Entering Commitments Forecasting progress, Editing payment certificates Entering supplier invoices quickly Launching a contract: service orders, a commitment, endorsements. Solution Promoter - Enveloper, allows you to create and manage your various commitments to your suppliers (Service Order, site situation, payment certificates). Detailed information on each batch, ... Sales follow-up by batch, slice, operation, company, group, ... Follow-up of the actions of each salesman Follow the marketing steps of your lots, using the VEFA dashboards. Automatisms allow you to know the status and the commercial situation of each batch.


SALES: Calls for funds

Editing personalized mail Booking contract, Draft deed, Delivery report Automatic update  Lot management Solution Promoter - Developer, allows you to create and monitor your various commitments to your buyers, from booking to delivery . Customizable editions depending on the operator allow you to manage the payment of each of your lots.


BUDGET MONITORING: The state of management

Memorization of the initial Budget and updates, ... Comparative Budget / committed / alise, ... Projected margin by item, ... A very useful summary, the fact of managing your commitments, your invoices and your payments makes it possible to profit from all the information necessary for the establishing the situation of your business. This document create under Solution Promoter - Firmer and exportable under Microsoft Excel will serve you well.


Electronic Document Management (EDM)

""Yes", it is possible with Solution Promoter-Aménageur. The latter has a powerful manager to manage the mails sent and received from your customers and suppliers. But also to save your Word templates (promise of sale, project act, ...). You will manage your Word prints without re-entry thanks to our merge fields between the Word application and Solution Promoter-Aménageur.


Network management (roaming posts)

Une des particularités du logiciel Solution Promoteur-Aménageur est le réseau différé. En effet, il est possible pour un utilisateur de travailler déconnecté du réseau et de se mettre à jour une fois reconnecté au réseau. Ce système permet également de gérer des postes itinérants ou des agences qui peuvent se synchroniser avec le serveur par l’intermédiaire d’Internet.


Other essential functions

BANK ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT: Solution promoter has a module allowing you to manage your bank accounts by operation, by period, by third, ... THE FINANCIAL EXPENSES Solution promoter allows you to calculate automatically your financial expenses according to the rate which you will attribute to your project . Financial expenses are automatically set on your project by month or quarter. PROPERTY FUNDS Solution promoter has a real function allowing you to manage the contributions of the partners. PROSPECTION OF LANDS Solution promoter will help you for your field search and thus allow you to have a database of owners, cadastral references, ...


ACCOUNTING: the accounting interface

BANK ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT: Solution Promoter - Developer, allows to interface with the main accounting software of the market.

TARIFFS: Solution Promoter-Developer, turnkey software

"Independent" formula (for 1 job)

- A license to use,

- The documentation,

- The development of your customized editions (insertion of your logos on the documents).


"Network" formula (from 2 positions)

- Two user licenses and a network license.

- The Dokumentation,

- The development of your customized editions (insertion of your logos on the documents).

- Server synchronization for multi-user use.


Options: - The additional license in network: 1 000 € - The day of training / installation on site: 800 €. - Annual maintenance contract: 300 € / item. (Technical assistance and telephone, corrective maintenance).